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United Nations Myth #9: 

The U.N. would not benefit from a permanent and formal internal structure for wisdom, counsel and problem-solving comprised of carefully selected, unselfish world religious and spiritual leaders.


What is needed is an integrated worldview that can appreciate both the human being's capacity for rational reflection and our capacity for spiritual awakening. The legacy of the world's great saints, prophets, sages and spiritual leaders cannot be denied or discounted without ignoring what is most fundamental about the human being. This applies also to the United Nations.
For this reason, Dr. Sun Myung Moon has been advocating that the UN, for its own survival and effectiveness, build an inter-religious council within its system. He has held that the current structure, dominated by political self-interest, represents an inferior expression of humanity's potential.
In order to enhance the UN, there needs to be inclusion of those who represent the highest expressions of humanity's vision of peace, and the moral and spiritual principles that are necessary if peace is to be achieved. To conceive a world of peace, and to imagine establishing that world without the benefit of the wisdom of Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, Confucius is simply immature. But more importantly it is ill-fated. This must change.

Building on this foundation Dr. Moon proposes the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) work toward the renewal of the United Nations by developing a non-political council of religious and spiritual leaders to bring broad vision and wisdom to the effort to address critical global problems. This might serve as an "upper house" in a bicameral United Nations;


Excerpt from:  "The Universal Peace Federation" by Dr. Thomas Walsh

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