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United Nations Myth #8: 

The United Nations recognizes that humanity lives in one world, under God.


The United Nations was built on the foundation of the value of national sovereignty. No higher authority was recognized no ultimate being, known in religion and the sacred scriptures as God, Allah, Jehovah, etc., who stands as the axis of morality, and of natural and spiritual laws. Stated differently, the United Nations was built on the foundation of the value of national power. The Security Council itself is an institution dominated not by the peoples of the world, or even the governments of the world, but rather by the victors of World War II and, as it also happens, the world's dominant nuclear powers.
One of the primary reasons for the crisis of the United Nations is the resurgence of religion and spirituality as fundamental human interests, needs and values that impact in enormous ways the worldviews, values and practices of humanity worldwide. The United Nations is unable to relate effectively to this emergent and dominant reality.
Due to the absence of this dimension that might be called the "heart and soul" of humanity, the past 60 years has witnessed a steady decline in the prevailing effect of values. The youth of our world are on a downward spiral, hastened by the decadent standards and free sex promoted by the dominant culture, and shaped by a selfish, even pornographic vision of what is most sacred and special about human life the family. The United Nations has been unable to stem this tide, just as it could do little to prevent the millions of deaths that took place under totalitarian systems in the decades after World War II.

God is indeed the origin of all, without whom existence is not possible. Furthermore, all things are interrelated and all people are fundamentally relational beings. All things exist in relationships of subject and object. There are no isolated or individual beings, and therefore all existence develops and thrives through the mutual giving and receiving of energy in reciprocal relationships.
These relationships, at the human level, are not merely functional or external, but rather are to be rooted in the human heart of true love. God is the origin of not only the material world, but of the most fundamental aspect of life namely, true love, expressed in living for the sake of the other. When human relationships are rooted in the heart, and the action of giving and receiving in those relationships is grounded in unselfish true love - only then is peace possible. This is the direction in which God is guiding humanity in our time.


Excerpt from:  "The Universal Peace Federation" by Dr. Thomas Walsh

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