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United Nations Myth #2: 

National interest is the best starting point for building a peaceful, healthy and harmonious world.


In the modern era, individualism, secularism, humanism, and relativism have flourished, while at the same time poverty, environmental degradation, HIV/AIDS, violence, human rights violations have also prospered. In a word, self-interest has become the dominant principle that shapes attitudes, behavior, public policy and culture. We live in a culture of selfishness.
The United Nations was launched with its own fundamental values, not the least of which was faith in the sacred value of the nation-state. National sovereignty and national self-interest were enshrined in the institution's structure.

The era of selfish individualism will decline, as will nations that are guided solely by the principle of national self-interest. Peace will not come through the pursuit of self-interest. Self-interest alone will only produce conflict, competition, and disharmony. Furthermore, a world without God, cannot generate an ethic of unselfishness.
Without God, we are alone in a world of standards we ourselves set, and these standards are ever changeable, depending on the circumstances. Standards rooted in divine reality are unchanging and absolute. In this sense, spiritual principles are very similar to natural laws.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) calls for a radical and innovative approach to peace, one that is both profoundly spiritual and yet fundamentally rooted in history and the material world. Peace is the cause of our time. The quest for peace, long desired by all humanity, is now at hand.
Conditions for its achievement are being established in the spiritual world itself, and the providence for peace is being guided by the hand of God. Its distinguishing marks are unselfishness, forgiveness, reconciliation and love of enemies. These are the forces that will usher in a new era of peace. Efforts that rely on force, or on political, military or economic power alone, will fail.


Excerpt from:  "The Universal Peace Federation" by Dr. Thomas Walsh

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