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Original Sin Myth #9: 

The commandment which God gave to Adam and Eve does not apply to people today.


Jesus Christ requested from us a very high standard of purity: "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall not commit adultery.' But I say to you that every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Mt. 5:27-28).

Immoral acts are always committed secretly and in a free society there is almost no way to prevent them, except to elevate our heart and conscience. Simple laws, punishments or other acceptable external methods, prove, so much now as in the past, to be ineffective to control them. As human beings can not live without experiencing love, if we are not able to live by the laws of true love is evident that the alternative is illicit love.

God exhorts each human being through religion, morality, and through the voice of the conscience to keep the basic law of the cosmos which was given already in the very beginning with the symbolic expression "do not eat".  This means abstinence before marriage and to maintain absolute fidelity and love to our spouse after marriage, accomplishing the ideal of eternal love and a family that will give us the greatest peace and happiness forever.

On the contrary, the misuse love results in suffering.   This includes free sex, in other words, fornication and adultery, which is the antithesis of sanctified married love.  In the end, people involved in this type of love never find permanent satisfaction, and it inevitably leads them to unhappiness.

Once our original sin is forgiven and eliminated, it will be much easier to establish a future world free of sin. A world in which each person, with the power and inspiration of God, will be able to overcome evil and where Satan will never be able to operate and accuse man.  The desire for illicit love is deeply ingrained in the human heart. Sexual sin and the sin of illicit love are very difficult to overcome.

People should be clearly informed of the terrible consequences that this kind of immoral behavior causes to our eternal life. Our virginity, which represents our first and true love, is the most valuable and holy possession that no amount of money can possibly buy. Once it is lost, it is irrecoverable. Once we are aware of this fact, it is a real tragedy to give away such a priceless possession in an idle moment of passion or lust. Such an action can have devastating consequences for those involved, and for their future attitudes and behavior.

Even religious leaders, who inspired many with their faith and carried out great accomplishments, often succumb to such temptations.  There are those who think that these weaknesses are rather natural and part of our intrinsic human nature. They feel that it is useless to try and change ourselves.  However, Jesus Christ clearly pointed out that in the context of love, human perfection is possible: "You, therefore, must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Mat. 5:48).

Paradoxically, our path to perfection implies, on the one hand, to grow to and attain true love. It also means living sacrificially for the sake of others, including our enemies, even at the cost of life itself. And, on the other hand, to abstain from loving in the wrong way, avoiding illicit sexual love. In short, we are called to love from God's viewpoint and refuse the forbidden love.

The efforts to avoid and overcome these problems that have traditionally been carried out by self-discipline or permanent celibacy are commendable and worthy of admiration.  But, unfortunately, they do not represent either a full eradication of sin, nor do they constitute a realistic and complete solution to the problem.

How then, will we finally be able to resolve this difficult situation?  It is obvious, that the only antidote or lasting solution would be the experience of true, eternal and unchangeable love within a marriage recognized and blessed by God.  Pure and true love is the irreplaceable medicine to cure both, the lack of love and tainted love.  Light drives darkness away and only the authentic love will quiet the desire for any substitute that we may have had.

That is why only the achievement of divine love between man and woman will ensure our success in totally eradicating the desire for ungodly love. This would eliminate infidelity, adultery, divorce, prostitution, rape and other deviations in human conduct.

To resolve this problem, humanity has to receive new ancestors, who can be substituted for Adam and Eve, the fallen parents. These new ancestors, in the position of True Parents, represent the love of God and God's lineage. They will separate us from the false lineage. They will eliminate the original sin in each man and woman. They will engraft us into the true lineage of God and will transmit to us the blessing to establish a sacred and eternal marriage recognized by God.


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