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Hunger & Starvation Myth #8: 

Hunger & starvation is essentially caused by a lack of food.


One of the failures of development has been the belief that the way to end hunger is to find a workable solution and replicate it. This fails because the source of the success is the human creativity that resulted in the solution, not the solution itself.

Extend the process, don't replicate the solution. Ending hunger will be achieved by extending the process of human empowerment, not by finding a model that works and replicating it.

In every village where hunger persists, human beings must be empowered to discover their own vision, express their own leadership, create their own solutions and work together to achieve their own success. At every level of society, the commitment of government officers, researchers, business people and citizen activists must be mobilized into a common front, transforming policies and structures so that all people have the chance to lead healthy and productive lives.

The principles and methodology of The Hunger Project are applicable at all levels of society. They are derived from what it means to be human, and designed to facilitate human beings working together effectively.

Discovering, applying and mastering this approach - being a catalyst in the worldwide phenomenon of ending hunger - is perhaps the greatest opportunity of this generation. From this perspective, one discovers that ending hunger is not fundamentally a problem to be solved, but a profound opportunity for unleashing the human spirit.



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