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Jesus Christ Myth #8: 

Its too late for Jesus to be married now.

The meaning of the Second Advent is the Lord coming down to this Earth to find his bride and establish his family. Because Jesus lost the opportunity to meet his bride in this physical world, Christ has to return again to this physical realm. Jesus gave the keys of Heaven to Peter and told him, "Whatever is bound on Earth will be bound in Heaven. Whatever is loosed on Earth will be loosed in Heaven."

For this reason, when the Lord of the Second Advent begins his public mission on the earth with the spirit, power, and anointment of Jesus Christ, he will be given authority from God to prepare a holy wedding ceremony for Jesus and his bride.  Jesus, who resides in Paradise, will be blessed in marriage to his earthly bride prepared by God.  Jesus' wife will attend him while she is on earth until they can be united for eternity in Heaven.  By so doing, Jesus' heart of loneliness will finally be comforted and he will be able to enjoy living in the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven together his wife, God, the Lord of the Second Advent and a community of Holy Sons and Daughters of God.



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