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Jesus Christ Myth #7: 

Mary fully supported Jesus in his mission.


W hen someone is invaded by Satan, he loses all spiritual support and inspiration. Trust in God, as well as a sense of gratitude to Him, is lost. One begins to see everything through human eyes. Mary did not help Jesus with the wedding he desired. She even opposed it. This was the direct reason that Jesus could not receive his bride, and could not become the True Parent; and this forced him to go the way of the cross.

Jesus' words to Mary during the wedding at Cana, "Oh woman, what have you to do with me?" (John 2:4), reveal a reproachful heart to a mother who helped in the weddings of others but neglected to help Jesus receive his bride, the most important requirement of the Providence. With this perspective, now we can understand why Jesus asked, "Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?" (Matthew 12:48)

Faced with the opposition of Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and finally John the Baptist, Jesus gave up hope for their protection as he sought to fulfill his mission. Therefore, Jesus left his home in search of a new spiritual foundation to restart the Providence of Salvation.

Now without a family and household, Jesus lamented, "foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head." (Matthew 8:20) With his family level foundation lost, Jesus sought to replace it. That was his three-year course.

Mary was supposed to bring Jesus and John the Baptist into unity, which would signify Cain and Abel becoming one. That was Mary's mission. John was in the Cain position and Jesus was in the position of God's son. But we know what has actually happened. Did they unite into one? No, they failed to do that. If Mary had achieved that, certainly Jesus would not have had to die. He would have gone on victoriously to complete his mission. But he did not. Instead he was crucified and there came into being the division of the world into left and right. That means throughout the world, Cain and Abel continued to be separated. Cain's religion, Islam, and the Abel religion, Christianity, have fought many times. Leah and Rachel should have become one, and Mary was supposed to do the same. But Leah and Rachel did not unite, and that was the origin of the division of Israel into ten tribes and two tribes, and this also was the very origin of Islam.

Jesus' family tree was simple; he did not have too many relatives. Jesus was a stepson, not a legitimate first son. Mary should not have lived with Joseph. We know so little about that, but look back 2,000 years and imagine. They should have kept this as a closely guarded secret amongst themselves. But someone knew, and talked. "Oh, you are keeping your wife, who gave birth to an illegitimate child." Do you think this didn't spread all around their family and clan? Yes; they could not erase that information. No matter what Jesus said or claimed to be, they all knew that he was an illegitimate child. How could God make an illegitimate child the Messiah?

We should also consider the influence that Joseph and Mary's relationship had on Jesus. Mary had to restore the positions of Eve and Tamar through indemnity, so she should have remained as only the fiancée of Joseph. Providentially, they could not be husband and wife. It was God's desire that they not have sexual relations either before or after Jesus' birth. Joseph still loved Mary after Jesus was born, but Mary should have wanted to separate from Joseph to raise Jesus as the Son of God.

But the real circumstances did not make this easy to do. Even though Mary's original mind told her that she should not do so, she had sexual relations with Joseph. They had children, which was a repetition of Eve's mistake. With this condition, Satan invaded them. With the exception of Jesus, everyone who should have protected Jesus came under the dominion of Satan: his father, his mother, his Abel-type brothers (John the Baptist and his brothers) and his Cain-type brothers (the children of Joseph).



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