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Jesus Christ Myth #6: 

No one was prepared to be Jesus' wife.


Who then was supposed to become the bride of Jesus?  In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel took away Eve who was in the position of the younger sister to Adam.  At the time of Jesus this process was supposed to be reversed.  Therefore Jesus was supposed to take the younger sister of John the Baptist as his bride (Jesus' half-sister).  

Jesus' position was the completion level Adam.  In the Garden of Eden the Archangel, in the position of Cain, took Eve, the younger sister of Adam.  At the national level, Jesus in the position of Adam, was to take the sister of Cain (John the Baptist).  This is how restoration was supposed to have taken place.  In the mind of John the Baptist do you think it was tolerable that Jesus, his half-brother, should marry his own sister?   It is unimaginable even that Mary literally took Elizabeth's husband and assumed the first wife's position.  Then Jesus, the half-brother of John the Baptist, wants to marry his own half-sister, the younger sister of John the Baptist.  Can you imagine such a thing?  At that time they could be stoned to death for such action.  The entire tribe could have been stoned to death.  That is why Jesus was unable to receive his bride.  Then he had to leave his home in order to establish his spiritual foundation in the wilderness.  When that failed he had to take the road to the cross.

As Jesus grew up he was requesting to marry the younger sister from Elizabeth's family.  Can you imagine that?  It was virtually impossible, because if it had become known to the general public then the families of Zachariah and Jesus would have been destroyed.

When Jesus was desirous of such a marriage, Zachariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist all knew who Jesus was and whom he wanted for his wife.  In the mind of John the Baptist, Jesus was his half-brother, born from his father's concubine.  Therefore, for John it was unthinkable that his younger sister would marry Jesus, so John the Baptist refused and denied Jesus. Because Zachariah and Elizabeth had denied him, even Mary herself, because of the surrounding environment, refused Jesus' request.  At the age of seventeen, Jesus had desperately tried to convince each of these people to give one of the younger sister to him in marriage.  But they would not listen to him. At the age of twenty-seven, exactly ten years later, Jesus tried again to convince them with all of his effort.  But once again they refused to listen to him.  He waited for another three years, and at the age of thirty, in a final attempt, he again challenged each one of them.

At the age of seventeen when Jesus, for the first time asked his mother Mary to find his bride from the younger sisters of John the Baptist, don't you think that Mary discussed this issue with Zachariah and Elizabeth?  She certainly did. Don't you think that John the Baptist found out about it?  John the Baptist then came down so hard on Jesus, referring to him as a bastard who wanted John's younger sister when John himself was not even married.  He accused Jesus of destroying his family.  In the eyes of John the Baptist his half-brother requesting John's sister for a wife meant incest.   In such a strict society, how could Jesus even think about demanding a younger sister to become his own bride?

In the circumstances that Jesus found himself in, could he have married or not?  After making the first proposal, his entire family--Zachariah, Elizabeth, and John the Baptist--all hated him.  When he made the same proposal again at the age of twenty-seven, they became even more angry with him.  Then on the third attempt, when Jesus demanded the younger sister of John the Baptist for his bride, they finally decided to kick him completely out of the family.  That is why Jesus went out into the wilderness.

This was the miserable position that Jesus found himself in. That is why Jesus wept, saying, "the foxes have their holes, and the birds have their nests, however, the Son of Man has no place to lay his head."  That was his desperate cry.  In that miserable situation he lost his mother, his father, and he became like an orphan in the wilderness.  That is why, out of desperation, Jesus began to gather fishermen and other humble people as his disciples.  He expected them to become true disciples who would understand him and form his new family.  But none of them were able to do so.  They were always in disharmony with one another.  Finally, he decided to go to the cross and sacrifice his life in order to form the spiritual family which became Christianity in the spiritual sense.

If Jesus had married the younger sister of John the Baptist that would have been incest from a horizontal viewpoint. However, from the vertical perspective it was a completely different matter.  But due to the failure of those around him this did not occur. 


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