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Jesus Christ Myth #5: 

Jesus was not supposed to marry and start a family.


J esus was aware of his path as the Messiah, and he lamented by himself these lonely circumstances and the serious obstacle they presented to fulfilling the will of God. The Messiah is the True Parent. And to fulfill that mission he needed to receive his substantial bride. Jesus had to reverse, at the very root, the false love by which the Archangel had caused the fall of Eve, who was growing up as the sister of Adam. Consequently, Jesus, in the place of Adam as the Son of God, should have received as his bride the younger sister of someone in an archangelic position. That bride was to have been none other than Zechariah's daughter, the younger sister of John the Baptist. To fulfill this in a world where Satan plays the role of owner and lord, Jesus needed a foundation of protection formed by absolute faith. Tragically, the entire foundation ended up collapsing around him.

This would not have happened if Zechariah and Elizabeth, who had received the revelation and spiritual support from God, had maintained absolute faith. If they had fulfilled their responsibility, Mary would have been in contact with them continually, even after her three-month stay at their house. God chose Zechariah's family as the foremost representatives of the entire world, so that even after the birth of Jesus they would protect, serve, and witness to him as the Messiah. They not only should have served Jesus as the Son of God and Messiah with utter devotion, but they should have learned the will of God through Jesus and followed him absolutely. Also, John the Baptist was born to serve Jesus and should have fulfilled his responsibility to guide everyone he led to repentance to believe in Jesus and receive salvation.

But unfortunately, although Zechariah, Elizabeth, and John the Baptist testified at first to Jesus as the Son of God, there is no evidence that they served him as such. The respected priest Zechariah was simply a spectator. John the Baptist stood separate from Jesus. These circumstances blocked the people from following Jesus and made his path very difficult. And once this family lost faith in Jesus, looking at him through human eyes, there was no room for them to help him receive his bride.

Mary in a most concrete way should have arranged Jesus' marriage quickly. Mary did not help Jesus with the wedding he desired. She even opposed it. This was the direct reason that Jesus could not receive his bride, and could not become the True Parent; and this forced him to go the way of the cross.

Jesus' words to Mary during the wedding at Cana, "Oh woman, what have you to do with me?" (John 2:4), reveal a reproachful heart to a mother who helped in the weddings of others but neglected to help Jesus receive his bride, the most important requirement of the Providence.

If Mary had worked with all her might to accomplish this, she would have been successful. Then purified blood and a new lineage could have come into existence. Restoration would have been very quick.

By doing that, the mother and son would have come into unity and restored Eve's failure. If Abel had united with Cain, then the mother would have been restored to the original position. That is the tragedy of the Israelite history. There were two options; one was the mother uniting Cain and Abel, and the other was Cain and Abel uniting and restoring their mother. They could have done it either way. The Jewish religion was in Abel's position, the nation of Israel was in Cain's position on a national level; these two should have united. Then Cain and Abel on a national level would have restored a national level mother. The mission of Israel was to bring Cain and Abel into unity, to restore the mother's position. Restoration must reverse the fall.



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