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Racism Myth #4: 

The civil rights movement solved the problem of racial prejudice in the United States.


The civil rights movement in America made great strides in calling attention to racial injustice and the enactment of  laws which have helped to put an end to the most blatant forms of racism.  Even so, the United States of America has not even come close to realizing the ideal so eloquently spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his "I have a dream" address. 

The key to solving racism in the United States resides in two of the most instrumental cultural institutions in America which remain deeply racially segregated to this day.  One is as hypocritical as it is revealing.  The fact that Sunday is the most racially divided day of the week is a devastating indictment on the state of Christianity in America.  Followers of Jesus Christ who teaches to love one's neighbor as oneself and to love one's enemy are unwilling or unable to sit together as color-blind brothers and sisters on Sunday.  Another racially segregated institution provides the very foundation for our society: marriage.  While progress has been made in reducing the stigma of inter-racial marriage, still their is a strong tendency from every quarter to avoid the potential difficulties which often arise due to societal prejudice by simply marrying within one's own race.

What needs to happen to overcome these most fundamental forms of racism?  Such pernicious and historical divisions can only be solved by addressing the root causes which are spiritual in nature.  Only when we come to realize that our fears of the unknown have allowed us to be diminished as human beings will we then act collectively to end racism forever.  Our fears are nothing more than ghosts from the past which were not able to practice God's love due to spiritual ignorance which placed more importance on external differences than our what we have in common as children of God. This ignorance led our ancestors to commit all forms of mistakes, sins, and crimes creating enmity between God's children.  These sins of the past can only be overcome by practicing the philosophy of loving one's enemy as oneself. 

When Christians of every denomination finally proclaim a movement for eliminating all racial divisions on Sunday and everyday then we can imagine the beginning of the end of racism.  When people everywhere open their hearts and yearn to have inter-racial and international marriages for themselves and for their descendants then we can imagine the emergence of a colorblind society and world which will become the very foundation for the establishment of  the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Such a possibility is not an unrealistic pipe-dream, but rather, a tangible opportunity which would result in the realization of God's desire and the hope of all the ages for a unified world of peace and  harmony for all humanity.



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