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Marxist Communism Myth #7: 

The shifting of state power from one class to another can only be accomplished by revolution.



In the primitive communal societies, the beginning of private ownership brought about a class society, which gave rise to a state.  The state is a power institution (power organization) with which the ruling class exploits and suppresses the ruled class.  The state maintains its organization by means of force such as the army, police and prisons.

A ruling class never relinquishes the state power peacefully to another class.  Therefore, the ruled class cannot but deprive the ruling class of its power through violent revolution for their own survival.  That is why revolution is inevitable as long as a state exists.  Since capitalist society is the last stage in class societies, when the proletarian revolution to destroy those capitalist states succeeds the system of private ownership will then be abolished.  And after a certain period, the classes will disappear completely and the state will perish.


Communists assert that in the primitive communal society, after the repeated struggles between tribes, the one who won the battle put the losers into slavery and that, in this way, the class society (slavery system society) was established.  But, they do not clarify the reason why the winner forced the enemy into slavery after gaining victory. Nor are they able to explain why the ruling class came to suppress and exploit the ruled class in a class society.

They are unable to explain why capitalist society is the last form of class society.  Since class society developed out of the primitive classless society, there is a possibility that even if Communist society attains the goal of a classless society, a new class society may be born in the Communist society.  They do not give any clear answers to these questions.

In reality, we can see in Soviet Russia a strict class society with more severe exploitation and suppression than in the capitalist societies.


Originally, a state was to be formed centering on God, and all the citizens were to become the citizens of this God-centered state. All the world was to become one nation.  On the contrary, due to the fall of man's ancestors, all states have come under the dominion of Satan.  Since Satan's desire expresses itself in rapacious lust for acquisition and possession and desire for suppression, both the ruling class and the ruled class, which was under suppression and exploitation, formed the basis for hostile classes and struggle.

In a state under the dominion of God, an order of rank is maintained; (and) there are those who govern and those who are governed.  But here, government means "control," which means rule by love.  Therefore, neither suppression nor exploitation by the upper rank persons of the lower rank persons can take place.  Even it there are ruling and ruled classes (ranks) in a God-centered state, those would not be (two) classes resulting from economic differences but they are different ranks for order to be maintained. Accordingly, there are many levels in ranks.

Due to man's fall, man's desires changed into Satanic desires. Consequently, the societies were divided into two classes. Recently, in the advanced countries there is a tendency that the differences between classes are becoming less and less, and different classes are being united toward one middle class. This is because human society is being restored to the original state.


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