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Marxist Communism Myth #2: 

Man evolved from a species of ape.


The Communist view of man is based upon Darwin's theory of evolution (the theory of natural selection). According to the Communist view, while a species of ape was doing labor (social labor), language developed as a necessary tool of labor, and then reason developed. While living together, they came to set up rule, morality, religion, etc. for their own convenience, and slowly dignity of personality and rights came to be acknowledged. Therefore, man's significance as a man lies not so much in personality, freedom or rights as in social labor. Since Communist society is the society in which man's social labor is guaranteed and developed in the most perfect way, it is the greatest duty for man to participate in the Communist revolution in order to build the Communist society. Those who are against or are obstructing the revolution may be slaughtered like animals, as reactionary elements. This is because the Communists regard man as merely a higher animal.

It is only a hypothesis that a species of ape evolved into man.  If man is only a higher animal, there is no ground on which to reject the view that the weak should become the victim of the strong, nor ground to assert man's right to dignity and freedom.

Everyone, without exception, has desired to maintain freedom and dignity of personality as if they were life. ("Give me liberty, or give me death. "-Patrick Henry). What is the reason? It is because freedom, right and personality are derived from the sacred original human nature. Dignity is attributed only to sacredness. Personality and freedom were not authorized a posteriori for the need and convenience of social life but were inevitably required to satisfy the desires of the innate original human nature. Speaking from the viewpoint of the Unification Principle, personality, freedom, right, reason, etc. can be attributed to the Original Image and its Divinity. Reason is especially attributed to the spirit mind of the spirit man.

Therefore, a species of ape did not become man through labor, but man, the creation of God, began to work to attain dominion over all things. Through working, man's intelligence (creativity), innately given, gradually developed. Man was not created from some other things like an ape, but was created to be the lord of dominion over all things.


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