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 Integrity Myth #4: 

Honoring your word as yourself puts unnecessary limitations on personal freedom.



While it may not be a popular concept nor widely known fact, living a life of integrity is what affords a person maximum freedom.  Common sense tells us that those who refuse to be responsible for anything in life are most likely living on the good graces of others, destitute, or imprisoned.  Every human being, productive or otherwise, understands the true nature of responsibility to some degree or another.  Honoring your word as yourself, having integrity, provides the foundation for responsibility and therefore for freedom as well.  There is no freedom without responsibility. 

When a person constitutes their very identity as the commitment "I honor my word as myself" the universe in ways both visible and unknown supplies all manner of assistance in allowing one's word to bring forth possibilities and opportunities for action which would not otherwise be possible.  True freedom comes into being when one surrenders to discovering God's will in one's life.  Honoring your word as yourself creates a world of possibilities born of declaration, commitment and accountability.  For those who live their life based on integrity, responsibility affords the freedom of never having to look beyond oneself or God for the quality of one's life.  Responsibility at its essence is always honoring the declaration "I am cause in the matter concerning who I am being, right here right now."  This is not positive thinking but rather a powerful commitment requiring and existential leap of faith in a higher power.  In other words, no one and nothing beyond oneself (or God) is responsible for determining the quality of my life.  A life based on integrity and responsibility requires great faith, courage and dedication.




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